Processing Facility

The conversion of Rawseeds to cashew Kernels is quite complex and involves a seven day in-process from conditioning of nuts using steam cooking process,de-shelling by automated machine,drying the kernels in steam tray driers,humidifying and conditioning of kernels for peeling of Testa,air peeling using automated peeling machine ,grading cashews to different size by nano sorter and finally hand picked and finished to obtain top line quality.

Nuts are notable not only for the superior quality of protein, but for their richness in calcium, iron and other mineral elements. Nuts are the quintessence of nutriment, infact the “chef-d’ oeuvre “ of Nature in food products. they supply for a given weight nearly twice the amount of any other food product.

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, 1932

Steaming: The in-shell cashews are steamed under pressure to soften the shell. This causes the cashews inside to become loose and easier to remove in time.

Shelling: Each cashew shell is split open longitudinally and the cashew inside is immediately taken out by hand.

Drying:The skin on cashews is dried in an owen at low heat for a few hours to loosen the skin.

Peeling: The skin of each cashew is peeled by machines and the cashew is simultaneously visually graded according to quality.

Grading:The whole cashew kernels are individually graded by hand according to count per pound.

Quality Inspection : The cashews of each grade are inspected according to the present quality standards for that grade.

Quality Control : Our cashews are then put through a set of quality assurance measures heating in an oven, metal detection, dust aspiration and handpicking conveyor.

Packaging: we have the largest assortment in the industry ranging from 80g pack size to 1 kg.we also have various packs in 250g and 500g Petjars, which gives a shelf life of over 8 months.All packs are flushed with dry nitrogen to retain the aroma and freshness of the product.The industry houses PFS machines to take care of the packaging needs.The table below shows the standard box size for various SKU's.